Being a family owned and run boutique, and the team all being Portuguese to boot, we've been able to take our passion for Design and Fashion coupled with all of our relevant fields, (Design, Marketing, Events, Finance, Shoe Manufacturing, Research and Development) added a dash of Portuguese passion, and have created a very unique and special shopping experience.

We carry the highest quality shoes and handbags from the who's who in Portuguese Haute Couture, combined with a luxury retail environment and experience in one of Perth's prominent Luxury retail precincts.

Elle et Lui, translating from French to "Hers and His" (pronounced elle ay loey), means that we have something for everyone, from evening shoes, to casual shoes, business shoes and even trendy sports shoes for both men and women. Our intention is to bring these brands into the limelight within Australia and showcase them for their beauty, exquisite design and craftsmanship as well as ensure that you, our customers, are satisfied in the knowledge that you have purchased something very exclusive and exceptional.


Egidio Alves

From very early on, the world of fashion and design stirred Egidio Alves' interest due to its innovation and extravagance. At 18 years of age, he had an opportunity to work in the field of footwear by selling some illustrated drawings and immediately became passionate for the industry. He participated in various national and international footwear competitions, but it was in 2008 in Bologna, Italy that he was awarded the 1st prize by the Consorcio Vero Cuoio Lineapelle materials world's fair. All this assisted in fueling his dream of having his own brand of Egídio Alves.

Luis Onofre

One of the most renowned Portuguese designers, with a considerable list of famous customers, Luís Onofre creates luxurious shoes that are currently sold in over 40 countries

Mr Onofre belongs to a third generation of a family working in the footwear industry, and has one of the most renowned Portuguese footwear brands created in 1999. Currently, its brand exports 93% of its production to countries all over the world, such as, Spain, Russia, Netherlands and Belgium, Southern France, Germany, Dubai, USA, Canada, Angola, Nigeria, Brazil, Mongolia, China and now Australia. Worldwide known celebrities like Penélope Cruz, Naomi Watts, Michelle Obama, Laetizia Ortiz or Genoveva Casanova wear Luís Onofre shoes.

Paulo Brandão

A unique and sophisticated look characterises designer Paulo Brandão. His collections offer exclusivity and uniqueness. His work is singular and contemporary. All made with the highest quality materials. The colours, shapes and the final result reflect the best of two decades of experience: a craftsman with Portuguese – Italian influences. A perfect combination for an independent, feminine and sophisticated woman.


The designer Teresa Bettencourt was born in the misty islands, called the Azores. A magical place, surrounded by the Atlantic blue, freckled green, a deep sky and volcanic lands.
All this abundance reflects on her creations and desire to express herself through objects.
Manjerica emerged from this dream, full of expression for freedom and girl power.
Manjerica also represents the tradition and craft techniques to this universe, whose quality and authenticity are key factors to Manjerica. We believe that the portuguese artisans have the magic power to make and craft products into unique and special objects.


Bleenk collections were inspired by women of all sorts. The assertive, the daring, the business types, the sweet and kind, the fierce, the shy, the urban, the fashionistas. For each of them there’s a Bleenk – or many – waiting. Look them up here.

Blister Balm

Blister Balm is a natural balm designed to apply to areas of the feet that rub against shoes. The balm will protect your skin from chafing which causes soreness and blisters. It will nourish your skin soothing any areas of the foot providing relief.

Carlos Santos

Established in 1942, Carlos Santos is based in the North of Portugal and has many years experience in revolutionizing products for men. Even today, Carlos Santos is one of the few Portuguese companies in the area to apply the Goodyear Welted system, a manual technique in which machines play a secondary role.

The brand is 100% Portuguese and is named after its mentor, Carlos Santos, and which, year after year, has reaffirmed the quality of its products on an international level. Having taken its first step towards internationalization 35 years ago, the company now operates in Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Middle East and now finally in Australia.

Armando Silva

Armando Silva specialises in the manufacture of high quality men's leathershoes. The company was founded in 1946 by Armando Luis da Silva in a small footwear workshop with handcrafted production. Over time the company built a relationship with Spanish and Italian shoe industry specialists. Everything they learned was applied to their own shoe fashions and trends and was accompanied by strict quality control. This has become the basis on which their quality and design is based.

Sir Wolf

This brand, originated out of Vasco Freitas' experience as a professional shoe model. He obtained vast amounts of knowledge in working with other brands. He paid attention to what didn't work in the designs, quality and comfort of the shoes he worked with. This grew his interest in creating a shoe brand that encompassed these three elements. Hence Sir Wolf was born.

The brand is inspired by the mythology of the wolf, a grandiose, mysterious and astute animal. These characteristics are the main influence in each concept of a shoe collection. In essence, the brand ethos of Sir Wolf is that men that wear the shoes must feel a sense of distinction and comfort.