We spent all weekend looking at the parade of beautiful gowns on show at Cannes, and me oh my were we inspired! Every year the fashion is becoming more extravagant, but also more refined.
We have selected our two favourite looks and the shoes from our collections that most reminded us of the regal presence that each gown embodied.
The number one stand out for us was Blake Lively in Atelier Versace. The shimmer placed strategically into panels separated by sheer strips perfectly balances an air of sexuality with elegance, a tough combination to pull off! Designer Egidio Alves personifies both of these characteristics in all of his shoe designs, but we think that his crocodile stilettos perfectly represent this embodiment.
It is also hard to go past Jessica Chastain in her 1920's inspired Alexander McQueen gown. The 1920's trend has been going strong since the release of The Great Gatsby back in 2013, and there are no signs that it will be petering out in 2016. The 1920's woman is full of class and sass, and the incredible small detail indicative of this era is evident in Jessica's show stopping dress. The attention to detail is all the more noticeable with the gown being monochromatic.We can't help but think of Paulo Brandao's pewter platform stilettos while viewing this look, not only would they be a stunning combination, but the heel height would make walking with that train so much easier!
What were your favourite looks at this year's Cannes Film Festival? Let us know you favourite gowns and which Elle et Lui Designer Shoes you would pair them with!


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